We specialize in answering calls, scheduling appointments and taking messages for lawyers and law offices.

Legal Answering ServiceWe provide 24/7/365 availability for incoming calls; we can differentiate between new and existing clients and handle these clients to your specifications. Law offices benefit from utilizing an answering service because they tend to receive a very high volume of non-client related calls. Our professionally trained operators can help any attorney or law office by taking over some or all of the inbound telephone lines during the day. Many callers might not realize that the attorney they are calling doesn’t practice the type of law that their case calls for. Our Customer Service Professionals are able to inform callers what type of law you practice, refer them to your office locations, offer them basic information about your practice, take messages, patch emergency calls through directly to an attorney, schedule appointments, screen calls and much more. Our services are particularly useful for small law offices where there may be only one or two attorneys handling the entire client base. Larger firms find our services useful after hours, during regular hours when their staff is unavailable to answer the phone and as a method of cutting costs by reducing the number of employees that they pay full-time to handle incoming calls. Lawyers Answering Service can handle all of your non-urgent and routine calls so that you can focus on your clients and your practice.