The corporate law offices of today are operating internationally 24/7/365

Corporate Lawyers Answering ServiceBeing available when clients need to reach you is great for your reputation and increases your revenues. With our corporate law answering services your calls are answered and handled the way you specify. Waiting for an important call and want it patched to your cell phone? Need your messages sent via text to your cell phone during certain hours? Need us to cover your inbound emails while you’re traveling? We can do all of this and more!

We Provide the Following Answering Services:

  • 24/7/365 live call answering
  • Call transfer and routing
  • After-hours telephone coverage
  • High priority call handling
  • Appointment management and scheduling services
With your new answering service account, you can get a new toll-free number for free or your current telephone number can be forwarded to us at any time. Since we only bill you a $20 base rate plus whatever minutes you actually use, it’s not required that you specify how many minutes you think you’ll use. You pay for actual usage; it’s that simple. During the account set-up process, your designated account manager will work with you to write protocols defining how your calls are answered. You decide how we handle each type of call, who is notified of the calls and how notifications are received.  And, the really good news … these protocols can be changed per your request as often as you’d like.
Our team of Customer Service Professionals is polite, professional, discreet, and most importantly trained to handle legal calls. We provide answering services for firms of all sizes, in all locations and of all types.”
Your clients will be impressed with the level of service they receive when they call your office and your team will be impressed with the accuracy of the messages they receive from our team. By using our professional call management services, your firm will run more efficiently with lower operating costs while providing superior customer service to your clients.

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Call AnswerFirst today at 1-800-645-2616 or fill out this simple form and we’ll send you an information packet with no obligation. AnswerFirst’s live telephone answering service solutions will redefine what you expect from a telephone answering service.